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If you are tired of treating or chasing mysterious symptoms and choose to learn how to find and release the cause of the issues then you have come to the right place.

Are you working on your horse yourself or paying someone else to do so and the same issues keep coming up?


Why Holistic Horseworks Equine Unwinding Level 1 class is working where other modalities have failed.
April has an amazing insight and ability to help your horse communicate what it needs to heal and come back to comfort and balance.

How does this help your horse? She teaches all this in her 3 day class, to you. April's gift is like having a medical intuitive helping your horse. Unable to make it to one of her classes? April does 'Distance readings' to dial down on your horses specific issues then her DVDs walk you thru how to release the issues. (see store page) April Battles resides in Newcastle CA and teaches in Placer county and surrounding area's as well as internationally (see clinics page)

Why do well trained horses buck? Because they are in pain somewhere. Mysterious lameness? It all starts somewhere-signs we missed, pinning ears, swish of a tail, unwilling to switch leads, girthy, tripping, or cross firing at the canter.

April has an amazing ability to trace it back to the source - don't treat the sypmtom - treat the main issue causing the lameness symptom, or it will keep coming back.
April has helped thousands of horses and their owners in the UK, Canada and various states all around the US. Please watch this video, below, on how it is all connected...

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DVD out on April's level 1 3 day workshop. If you are unable to join us at one of the locations on the clinics page you can study the class at home in your living room and barn.

Classes 2013

Level I 3 days Unwinding the horse Releasing musculoskeletal issues. Restoring proper form and function to the horse's motion.

Level II  3 days  Applied Kinesiology Finding and releasing the blocks to 100% health, vitality and soundness.

Level III 2 days  Cranial Decompression
Level III is by invitation only for Equine CranioSacral workers already in this profession, and who have taken levels 1 and 2.
April has developed unique new amazing techniques for manually lifting and
decompressing cranial bones under compression from severe pull back trauma causing Uveitis, IR and Cushings symptoms. Start feeling the Occiput-Parietals under forelock on all the horses you are treating. You will notice the horses diagnosed with IR, Cushings and Uveitis all have one thing in comon, these bones have been compressed down into their skull, (thus compressing the organs beneath them) and are almost flat. Pulling these up allows the Hypothalamus and Pituatary to regain proper function. Treat the cause-not just the symptom.

Student will receive a certificate for passing each course.
See store page for details


See our Store Page  for videos and other horsecare related products & services.

As a coach and trainer, I have studied with some of the best in the world, from Europe to the US. April... is on a par in her level of "feel" and sensitivity to those who wear top hats and tails. ...more...
Donna Snyder-Smith
Rider Bio-Mechanics Specialist

Photo courtesy of Cliff Pryor

Side bone starts in most horses as early as the age of 3, when the body has not been loading the hoof correctly. This all starts from the 1st rib being out-see picture below. On my you tube channel you will see wound balm sweats to decrease sidebone calcifications which when left untreated (body not loading hoof correctly) can stress the bones higher up causing ringbone. It is easier and less expensive to use this preventative method than it is to treat a symptom.
Picture of a skeleton that had 1st rib out-april's DVD "Horses are talking" shows you how to release these issues.

Photo courtesy of Doray Wiggins Equine Dentist

1st rib being out does not allow the shoulder to move correctly.
On this skeleton you will see under the horses' right shoulder (left side in pic) there is no gap.
1st rib was out right side, this would make right lead uncomfortable. As well as making the left front leg work twice as hard, as you will notice by the left hoof, which has grown larger taking most of the weight of the horse. This would have stressed left tendon and suspensory. Also stress would have been thrown back to inside left hock as horses work a diagonal and right stifle-same side as the rib out.
When horses are unwilling to take a certain lead this has been the major cause, not that they are lazy, or don't want to, or have a weaker side.
Fix the rib issue and comofrt and ease returns to the horse. Along with a willingness to do what we ask of them.
Most mysterious lameness issues can always be traced back to a source and this has been 90% of the cause most of the time on all the horses I have worked on.
Come find out more at my clinics and workshops!

Thermograph pics before rib and wither lift. This is a compensation from 1st rib being out under left shoulder.

(compliments of Jeroen Van Oostveen Owner of "Rivendal" Netherlands) who was our gracious host in April 2013.

And this picture taken 5 minutes after rib and wither lift

What an amazing difference! Come join us and learn how to do this.
Knowledge is power. Come empower yourself!

April or call her at (530) 823-7321 (Pacific).

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Before session....

After 1hr 20 min session...
yes same horse!

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