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Are you searching for why your horse is having training or behavioral issues?  Saddle fit issues? Mysterious lameness the Vets cannot find?  Spooky, flighty or ‘head shaking’ horse, maybe Uveitis?

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If you answered yes to any of these issues ~ you have come to the right place! We teach you how to find and release all these issues.

Why is your horse needing joint injections before 10 years of age? Are you being told that this is ‘normal’ and not believing it?  Why is your horse needing to be on Previcox or UlcerGuard medications? Are you looking for a different solution?

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These issues are why you are here!  Look closely at the pink rib. (below) You will see less of a gap between that side shoulder versus the other side. While this does not cause the horse any pain, it does not allow that side shoulder to move correctly. All horses we have seen in captivity have had 1st rib misalignment since just 6 months of age!

Did you know this starts the high-low hoof syndrome most farriers and trimmers are always correcting? Did you know that this imbalance shifts the ribs and withers out of alignment?

You have come to the right place!


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If you can’t attend an in-person clinic, then try our digital home study programs. Course access includes watch instantly videos and downloadable workbooks so that you can start helping your horse right away. You can even get live 1:1 help when you need it.

Photo courtesy of Doray Wiggins Equine Dentist

When the first rib is misaligned at the very early age of just 6 months old, it does not allow that shoulder to move correctly, as described by most horse chiropractors.

On this skeleton you will see under the horse’s right shoulder (left side of photo), there is no gap.

The first rib was misaligned early on in this horses’ life. This would make taking the right lead very uncomfortable, making the left front leg work twice as hard. As a result, the left hoof has grown larger due to taking most of the weight of the horse.

This issue in this horse can cause:
* Stress on the left tendon and suspensory ligament (creating mysterious lameness)
* Stress on the inside left hock, (as horses work a diagonal)
* Overloading stress to the right stifle, (the same side as the rib that is misaligned)
To confirm this, ask any professional trainer how the horse uses their body when in work.

When horses are ‘unwilling’ to take a certain lead, a first rib misalignment is generally the major cause… it’s not that they are lazy, or don’t want to, or that they have a weaker side.

Our workshops and home study video programs teach you how to release the 1st rib misalignment that most other modalities are missing.

Once corrected, comfort and ease of movement returns to the horse.
Something you can easily do at home to help your horses, is our daily 5-Step Yoga. Your horses will feel better and they will be much more willing to do what we ask of them.

Check out our Horse Yoga video HERE!

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April and her 12 Global Certified Instructors are all sharing their healing knowledge, success stories and recipes to help you help your horse. We ask our members to also share their healing advice and success stories as well. Our main objective is for this site to be the ‘go to’ when your horse is in distress or having a severe issue that you can go here (while waiting for your Vet) to help your horse immediately in all situations. We want to be your healing resource and to share all this knowledge globally.



Why Holistic Horse Works and Why Equine Holistic Therapy?

April has discovered that many things can contribute to a horse’s emotional, physical and mental well-being or distress. In fact, generally, training and behavior problems are pain related.

Many things that contribute to a horse’s comfort or lack thereof include, but are not limited to, saddle fit, diet, and living conditions, as well as regular routine and activity.

The premise of Holistic Horseworks LLC unique Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding therapy is based on exactly that: a holistic therapy that releases tension from the musculoskeletal body, the fascial body, the emotional body and the osteopathy body of the horse.  Using bodywork techniques to realign the musculoskeletal body, the therapy also uses advanced applied kinesiology techniques and ancient Chinese energy work methods that can bring softness, suppleness and vitality back to the horse in just one session.

Additionally, April has discovered that some of the answers to the changes she sees in her equine partners in equine holistic therapy may be related to a build-up of toxins in their bodies, mainly the Thimerosal and other by-products currently in today’s vaccines, as well as chemical wormers.

Together, our program and techniques can add 10+ years to your horse’s rideable life!

April has helped many horse owners to learn holistic horse training and how to help their own horses. You can see for yourself in her FREE stretching video called “Yoga For Horses”  Please watch this holistic horse training video, “Introduction to Holistic Horse Works with April Love” on how the body is connected.

Getting Started is Easy

Distance Listening

April is a holistic horse training specialist and has the ability to be able to easily listen to what horses have to say and then explaining to their owners how to help the horse release any energetic blocks your horse might have. In her DVDs, she walks you through and explain how to help stretch and release these areas yourself. In the DVD category and you will find the special offer Two DVDs & April’s Listening Session together.

Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding

This package includes the DVD of April’s 3-Day Workshop and a step-by-step equine holistic therapy workbook. The student can choose to take the workbook test and submit 5 case studies and upon approval, they will receive the Level 1 Certificate of Completion.

Including the DVD – “Osteopathic and Myofascial Unwinding of the Equine Musculoskeletal System”

The Horses Are Talking – Are You Listening?

The majority of training and behavioral issues are caused by pain issues in the horse’s body that are easily corrected. This results in a horse that is unwilling to switch leads, girthy or is a cold backed horse, unable to engage its hind end. These issues lead to high/low syndrome in hooves, roach back and hunter bump calcifications as well as arthritic hocks and side-bone. You can fix this with holistic horse training!

My Approach

Sometimes she just stands with her hands on the horse. You’ll see her do stretches with a horse, massage…and she does funny things with her fingers.

The goal is to assist the horse’s body, putting it in a position where it can effectively heal itself. There are conformation elements, soft tissue elements, emotional elements, muscle memory elements, nutritional elements, and toxicity elements. Finding the balance takes more than good technique.

The most direct way to describe April’s approach is to say that she listens to the horse, asks the horse which modality it needs first, listens for the answer, and applies her techniques in whatever way is most appropriate at that time.

“Thank you for all your help with the distance readings to dial down on my horses specific needs and what had been missed in previous bodywork sessions as well as their nutritional needs. All 4 of my horses are competing much better, better vet scores and staying sound. I Won a FEI 75 recently by 30 min ahead of other riders. Saturday March 15 2014 I rode the 100 mile FEI endurance ride, NM Desert Classic, just outside Las Cruses. I rode Frisia Shaheen and we WON first Place and we WON the Best Condition Award! As this was against other top FEI horse and rider teams I am very pleased with my results in my horses.”

Willemina De Boer, Endurance Rider, Texas

“As someone who runs a riding program, I consider April to be an integral part of my business success. Through April’s work, my horses stay sound and happy. I initially asked April to work on several of my horses, who suffered from a variety of issues, including hind end lameness, stiffness to one side, bucking at the canter, cinchy-ness, and spooking. In addition, my horses exhibited other issues, including being unwilling to flex, unable to take a certain lead, and a problem with deviated flight paths of a front foot. April took care of all these problems, most within one visit. I give her my strongest recommendation and endorsement. My horses are all lesson horses, and it is critical that they are the most comfortable they can be as beginners bounce around on them, yanking and being stiff. The healthier my horses are, the happier they are doing their jobs. April is a huge part of that.”

Cindi Scoleri, Owner, Barn Manager @ Allison Acres, Galt, CA

“Yes I would love to do the courses. I have a passion for horses but favour thoroughbreds. I am a qualified dietician and sports remedial massage therapist. I am also a reiki practitioner. I have done a basic course in equine/canine touch and the Masterson Method course but I, like you, always thought what is the root cause since nothing in the body is isolated. I find your methods answer the questions I have been asking myself where other methods fall short. I look forward to doing your home study.”

Jane, United Kingdom

About April Love

As the founder of Holistic Horseworks, LLC, April Love has taken decades of classes and her experience of training and riding horses to a new level of healing horses. While training the ‘un-trainable or problem’ horses, she found that many of them exhibited pain, and when the pain was taken away, ‘the problem issues’ were too.

April has spent over $16,000 in various courses over the last two decades learning how to find the ’cause’ of the issues creating the pain that causes those problems in horses. She teaches her innovative techniques in clinics worldwide to horse owners and equine professionals globally. She also has several DVDs, Home Study courses, and free YouTube videos that help horse owners make their horses live more comfortably.

  • Certified instructor for Quantum Relief for horses and humans

  • Certified instructor for Ting Point Therapy

  • Access Consciousness practitioner – break the negative patterns that keep repeating in your life

  • Osteopathy for Deep Myofascial muscular and skeletal releases

  • CranioSacral and Massage Therapy

  • Bio-Energy Therapy

  • Equine Kinesiology Specialist

  • Nutritional Therapy

  • Acupressure and Reiki

  • Unwinding the whole horse for the body, mind, heart, and soul

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    Holistic HorseWorks LLC, empowers and educates horse owners and trainers to assist in their horses health. Our program offers services direct to horses, and training for owners in the form of group classes, one-on-one private sessions, and videos available free and for purchase. Our systematic approach facilitates physical, energetic and spiritual changes, which are immediate and lasting.