Horse Show Gift Sponsorship

Do you host or help out with horse shows in your area? I would love to donate prizes!

You are welcome to raffle them to the audience, offer them to ribbon winners, or give them away however you see fit! All I ask in exchange is that you put my ad in your program or post it around the event.

It’s a pretty cute ad if I do say so myself! Plus, the information in it is aimed to help horses live happy, healthier, and longer lives.

Prize #1: A $800 Value

2 copies of Level 1 Homestudy: Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding (to be given to 2 winners)

Soft, gentle moves manually release “stuck” areas to keep the skeleton in proper form and function so that the horse can load the body, joints, and hooves correctly.

Prize #1: A $210 Value

3 copies of Equine Cranial Sacral Work (to be given to 3 winners)

If your horse has ever banged its head, fallen, or pulled back when tied at some time in their life it could cause the Cranial bones to shift. Even years later, head tossing, spooking, allergies, autoimmune and more are signals of impact.

Horse Show Gift Sponsorship Application

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