Meet April!


April applies a systematic approach to the horse’s body that blends the concepts of bio-energy therapy, massage, Reiki and intuitive listening. April has developed a unique program called Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding that blends massage therapy with deep skeletal releases for lasting effects. 

Sometimes she just stands with her hands on the horse.  You’ll see her do stretches with a horse, massage…and she does funny things with her fingers.

The goal is to assist the horse’s body, putting it in a position where it can effectively heal itself. There are conformation elements, soft tissue elements, emotional elements, muscle memory elements, nutritional elements, and toxicity elements. Finding the balance takes more than good technique.

The most direct way to describe April’s approach is to say that she listens to the horse, asks the horse which modality it needs first, listens for the answer, and applies her techniques in whatever way is most appropriate at that time.

As an equine reiki practitioner and the creator of equine musculoskeletal unwinding, April facilitates energy and spiritual changes which are immediate and lasting. April will also teach you simple techniques that you can do to support your horse’s wellness in between visits. 

Is April a Chiropractor?
No. April is a equine massage therapist and equine reiki practitioner who blends massage therapy with deep skeletal releases for lasting effects through a process she calls, “musculoskeletal unwinding. Her treatments help release what keeps horses out of balance. 

Is April a Veterinarian?
No. But her sessions finding the energy imbalances in your horse can improve a horse’s overall health. Please refer to your normal Veterinarian.

What horses will benefit from April’s treatment?
Sport horses, endurance horses, pleasure horses, show horses, rescued horses, pasture pets, minis, cart horses and more.

Does April have to come back multiple times?
Sometimes – just like people, horses are not always available to release their tension and imbalances in one fell-swoop. To assist a horse back to health may take support over time. Every horse is unique.

Email April or call her at (808) 868 – 1828 HST. 

What April Love brings to the overall health of horses is far more than a sum of the parts. April is a practitioner of remarkable talent and skill. She knows how to use her gifted ability to listen to your horse, hear what treatment a horse is ready to receive, and apply her exceptional training with artistry and love.

Martha & Doug

“What does April do?” Everyone asks.
She calls it“Unwinding the horse from the inside out.”

Why is your horse acting up? Why is your horse lame? April will explain it to you in detail during your private session, and give you a follow up protocol to help your horse regain its wellness and balance. An equine reiki practitioner, April looks for blocked energy in the whole horse, teeth to tail, finding the cause of the behavioral problem or energy imbalances.  

As a certified equine massage therapist focusing on combining massage therapy with deep skeletal releases for longlasting results, April specializes in helping your horse feel his best while offering you the most in your equine/human partnership. She also spends time with the horse owner explaining the details often left out of other professional appointments. So, if you are wondering why your horse’s front hooves are not matching also called” high/low syndrome,” flares, or contracted heels, she will explain how the body loads the hoof is how the hoof is going to grow. To correct the hooves, you need to correct the body (April teaches clinics about this as well). She will answer questions about why your horse’s poll is out, which will give you a bracey or seemingly argumentative horse avoiding contact with the bit and getting heavy on the front end. Do you have a cold backed or girthy/cinchy horse, or bucking at the canter? This indicates your horse is in pain, as ribs and withers are out of balance. Cross firing at the canter hips are out and hocks/stifles are sore from compensating. Roach back or hunters bump issues are not conformation (not correctable), that is posture (correctable) from Psoas (lower back area) in spasm not allowing hips to move freely. When the horse pulls its first rib out, either pulling a front shoe with the hind or running across a field and hits a gopher hole or mud bog, this makes canter on that side uncomfortable for your horse as well as pulling withers out, dropping ribs on that side (does your saddle tilt to one side?) and stressing the Psoas area and pulling hips out of alignment. These are all compensations from the first rib being not where it should be, which constricts that side scapula from moving freely. 

When the first rib is out, it causes many of the horse chiropractic issues we see today. If you do not release the first rib then you will continue to have the same problems adjusted on your horse each time the equine chiropractor comes out for a visit.

Here is a picture of what Sidebone in your horses hoof looks like.

Photo courtesy of Cliff Pryor-Farrier

You can reverse this build up of excess calcifications view my youtube video on Wound Balm sweats click here

Sidebone occurs from the body not loading the hoof correctly-see how the outside hoofwall is not round and symmetrical where the calcifications are. This is one of the major reasons farriers and trimmers are unable to balance the hoof. You need to address how the body loads the hoof to be able to change how the hoof grows. A hoof out of balance affects the ‘Ting’ points of the Equine Acupressure system thus affecting their organs as well. It is all connected. April shows you how to treat the whole horse, not just one symptoms.

Here is a self diagnostic tool – April’s FREE “Yoga for Horses” video is a ‘diagnostic tool’; if your horse cannot easily do these simple moves then there are deeper issues which are causing premature arthritic changes in your horse shortening their usable riding years. Your horse should be healthy sound and rideable thru their 30’s. CLICK HERE

If you do find that your horse cannot easily do these moves then call or email her for a free consultation. April takes her experience as a certified equine massage therapist to blend massage therapy practices with deep skeletal releases for lasting effects, a process called musculoskeletal unwinding. She brings a broad spectrum of education, experience, wisdom, intuition, and expertise with her when she comes to your pasture or barn. If you don’t live nearby? No problem April does “Equine Distance Communicating,” she calls them ‘Readings” which will dial down on your horse’s specific issues. Her DVDs will walk you through how to work on your horse yourself (see store page).

If you have questions about whether your saddle is comfortable for your horse, April can offer you expert consultation. As a expert on equine nutrition, she knows about which supplements would meet your equine’s needs. April is a wealth of knowledge so call her and learn more about your special equine friend as well as all of the many things that can enhance or hinder physical, mental and emotional balance in your horse.


Contact April to learn more or to receive information about how she can help you help your horse become their very best.