Distance Reading: An Intuitive Wellness Scan for Your Horse

Get expert insight into your horse’s deepest physical, behavioral, and training issues.

  • What's causing this mysterious lameness?
  • Why is my horse cranky when being saddled?
  • Why are they constantly pulling a shoe?
  • Why does my horse have high-low hoof syndrome?
  • Why is one of their eyes pink, weepy, or swollen?
  • Why does my horse act like that?
  • Why does my horse move like that?

Find answers to all of this and more in a distance reading!

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Do you feel like something is “off” with your horse?

Trust your intuition—it’s your guide. Discover the profound insight that an intuitive wellness scan can give to your horse’s deepest health, behavioral, and training issues. With over 15 years of experience, April Love is a trusted expert in holistic horse care. Her unique approach which offers a new way of looking at horses has led to happier, healthier horses and empowered horse owners all over the world. During a distance reading, April has the ability to scan photos of your horse, noticing even the slightest details in alignment, muscling, posture, and more that indicate deeper issues. She can also energetically and intuitively scan your horse to uncover bacterial, vital, emotional, or mental issues that need to be addressed.

What’s In a Distance Reading?

In an equine distance reading, April reviews information and photos you send in about your horse, and connects with them intuitively to analyze a multitude of issues including:

  • EPhysical issues affecting their ability to move correctly and with ease. Asking them where they have pain.
  • ECranial Sacral issues-head tossing, spooking, heavier on one rein.
  • EEmotional issues affecting their behavior as well as their organs.
  • EEnvironmental – Is there anything in their home environment affecting their health and wellness?
  • EChemical toxicity issues in the body can affect the absorption of nutrients – this means is your horse absorbing the nutrition you are feeding them?

How Does It Work?

  • You will be asked to send info regarding your horse’s name, age, surgeries, injuries, or other past and present health issues.
  • You will be asked for two photos of your horse, one on each side while they are standing on a flat surface, neck straight, with a relaxed stance.
  • Once you send in the information and photos, April will take about 4-5 days to complete the reading.
  • Once complete, you will receive a 10-15 page PDF report detailing all of the information April gained about your horse during the reading.
  • She will also share tools, techniques, and various resources from her videos and workbooks that you can use to address whatever is going on with your horse so you can help them yourself right at home.
  • After applying the recommendations to your horse, you can send April two new photos and she will let you know if the issues have been correctly resolved.

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Hi, I’m April Love!

And I have a long career with horses. I started as an endurance rider years ago with my horse Tiki— he was such an amazing equine partner. I had my heart set on him from the beginning, but he wasn’t in the best shape, and no one thought he would make it as an endurance racehorse, but boy, were they wrong!

In 2007, we placed third in the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) West Region Heavyweight Division with 955 miles in one year, including an impressive streak of 28 consecutive completions in just 16 months of 50 miles or more in a day. We continued to win many more events and enjoy years of riding together.

I did everything I could to help Tiki perform and feel his best, including spending tens of thousands of dollars on horse care and equine training classes. But in all of those classes I took, I always noticed that something was missing… No one looked at the whole horse.

So I took everything I learned, plus everything I saw “missing,” and developed my own special method. Today, I have helped not only Tiki, but hundreds of horses and horse owners all over the world! I am also very proud to have a team of certified Holistic Horseworks practitioners and instructors practicing globally.

I’m IICT Approved

April Love of Holistic Horseworks as well as the Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding method are accredited by IICT, the International Institute for Complementary therapies. 

This adds a whole new level of credibility to this offering which many others don’t have! For someone to be able to officially certify you they have to be the originator of the methodology. Here at Holistic Horseworks, we have gone through the rigorous procedure to put all of our videos and workbooks up to rigorous scrutiny in order to receive IICT approval.

What People Are Saying

“Thank you for all your help with the distance readings to dial down on my horses specific needs and what had been missed in previous bodywork sessions as well as their nutritional needs. All 4 of my horses are competing much better, better vet scores and staying sound. I Won a FEI 75 recently by 30 min ahead of other riders. Saturday March 15 2014 I rode the 100 mile FEI endurance ride, NM Desert Classic, just outside Las Cruses. I rode Frisia Shaheen and we WON first Place and we WON the Best Condition Award! As this was against other top FEI horse and rider teams I am very pleased with my results in my horses.”


“April has talked to my mare Mariah in her distance readings several times and she has always been correct in all her findings regarding what is bothering her. (What an asset this is to have April’s talent to do this!)

After April’s recommendation of putting my mare (and myself) on the Natural Cellular Defense to detox her I saw quite an improvement in her overall attitude and more flexible joints (she is 15 and has some arthritis in her hocks). We all hope to get April to North Carolina to meet her and to experience her wonderful skills in person!”

“I have had the pleasure of spending time learning from April, personally, on 3 different occasions; I had a distance reading done on my horse, I went to her educational 1/2 day hands-on seminar and I attended her level 1 Equine Unwinding 3-day class. I also have all her DVDs and have learned so much from her about how to know when a horse is in pain or distress and, more importantly, how to help the horse. This knowledge has changed my life and my horse’s life. I have owned my horse for 14 years and we have never been as close as we are now. He also is the happiest and healthiest he has ever been. April’s methods are great and have definitely changed the way I view my relationships with horses. I am also a riding instructor and I love that I can now work on the lesson horses and make then more comfortable as they do such an important job. Thank you April for sharing all your hard earned talents with all of us. The horses thank you as well!”


“It all started by seeing the free yoga video April has on YouTube. After talking with her on the phone, I asked her to do a reading. April has a gift for listening, and it seems also in hearing what the horses have to say. It is amazing what a horse does when they are able to move and how their attitude changes when they feel better. April is worth more than she could ever charge but she does it for the love of the horse.”


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DISCLAIMER: This is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding the medical condition of your pet, and always consult them in the case of an emergency.