Learn How to Keep Your Horse Happy, Healthy,
and Rideable Through Their 30’s

Learn from home with live 1:1 support!

Do you struggle with…

  • Mysterious lameness no one can figure out?
  • High vet bills?
  • Saddle fit costing you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS?
  • Metabolic issues?
  • Training and behavior issues?
  • Hoof health, shape, sidebone, ringbone, or high-low syndrome?
  • Other recurring horse health issues?

Learn how to find and work on these issues in our easy, step-by-step program!

Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding Home Study Course

A Whole New Way of Looking at Horses

The reason why your horse is having these seemingly unsolvable issues is that most people you go to for advice— including vets, trainers, and many equine professionals— are only treating the symptoms, NOT the root of the issues. And that’s the way it’s been for years and years. But if “the good ole’ ways” just aren’t working anymore, now is the time to start looking at things in a whole new way.

Most horses that have been labeled as “problem horses” are really just in some kind of pain. A lot of horses sustain injuries from as young as 6 months of age that they carry with them through their entire lives. When left untreated, these issues can lead to all kinds of health complications, shortening your horse’s unrideable years. Even more serious issues may even shorten their life span. 

Learn how you can look at your horse from a better perspective, HOLISTICALLY! As well as what you can do to help your horse yourself right in your own barn that will turn them into the willing and agile equine partner of your dreams.


What You’ll Learn

Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding is all “soft work” but it is very, very effective in correcting gait abnormalities, saddle fitting issues, and mysterious lameness. (What I mean by “soft work” is that you don’t need a lot of strength for these techniques, anyone can do this!) These soft, gentle moves manually release “stuck” areas to keep the skeleton in proper form and function  so that the horse can load the body, joints, and hooves correctly.

We’ll also cover deep muscle unwinding that will have the horse presenting a 2″ taller, 4″ longer and they look as if they have gained 20 pounds after only a 1-hour session.

As you know, horses are also sensitive and highly energetic, so this course goes over balancing chakras and aligning acupressure meridians, along with techniques in “listening” so that you can finally hear what it is your horse has been trying to tell you! (They don’t always communicate verbally.)

The key is to address the horse holistically, on all levels, not just the physical. Most equine professionals and other horse bodywork modalities do not address the whole horse, so you always end up working on the symptom and not the root cause which is why issues tend to come back time and time again.

  • EHow to evaluate your horse and identify problem areas so that you know how and when to help them
  • EEquine bodywork techniques to support previous injuries and prevent future ones
  • EStretches to keep your horse limber and at their best performance levels
  • EThese stretches also act as a diagnostic tool to show you when issues arise
  • ETechniques for skeletal and muscular release that will restore your horse's body alignment which affects hoof balance and saddle fit
  • EHow to actually "listen" to your horse so you know exactly what is going on and how they feel
  • EHow to balance and align their energetic centers which also affect their physical and emotional balance
  • EExercises to release trapped emotions so that your horse is not holding on to past trauma
  • ENatural remedies for common horse health issues so that you can help your horse easily and affordably
  • EValuable preventative protocols to stop potential issues before they start

What You’ll Receive

  • ELifetime access to course content so that you can help your horse whenever you need to
  • EWatch instantly course video so that you can start helping them right away
  • EDownloadable course workbook to support video learning and that you can take to the barn
  • ECertificate upon course completion and testing so that you can prove what you've learned
  • EOption to progress onto practitioner and instructor certification so that you can help more horses and even make extra money
  • EBONUS: Free distance reading!! Get a detiled evaluation of your horse so you know what to focus on. (Valued at $75)
  • EBONUS: Free 30 minute consultation!! Get the expert advice you need to help your horse feel and perform their best. (Valued at $33.)
  • EThat's over $100 in FREE bonus offers!!

… Plus a happier, healthier horse!

Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding Home Study Sample Video

As soon as you make your purchase, you will have access to all of the course content so that you can start learning immediately! This includes videos that you can watch instantly and access at any time for the life of the program, as well as a downloadable, 120-page workbook to help you integrate and practice all of your newly gained knowledge.

After completing the course content, there is a test you can take to earn a certificate of completion! (But only if you want to.) This test consists of submitting 5 case studies using the Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding method to evaluate and care for a horse. Your case studies will be turned in one-by-one, one and reviewed directly by Holistic Horseworks founder April Love. Upon successful demonstration of the EMU method, you will be awarded a certificate of completion!

Get a Certificate of Completion!

After earning your certificate of completion, you can also choose to advance on to becoming an officially certified Holistic Horseworks practitioner, or even a Holistic Horseworks instructor! (Additional costs not included in this program. Click here for more details. ) Start a new career in horse care, or expand your skillset in your current profession.

As a BONUS, you will also receive a free distance reading valued at $75! In a distance reading, you take pictures of the right and left sides of your horse, which April will then review and return with a full report on your horse’s health and alignment issues. This will be especially helpful as you study so you know what to work on.

You will also receive a free 30 minute, one-on-one consultation with Holistic Horseworks Founder April Love! No more wondering, “Well, what does that mean?” “Am I doing this right?” Find answers to your most pressing equine care questions and undivided, receive personal attention from an expert in the industry.

Free Bonus Distance Reading and 1:1 Consultation!

A $100+ value!

Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding Home Study Course

Hi, I’m April Love!

 And I have a long career with horses. I started as an endurance rider years ago with my horse Tiki— he was such an amazing equine partner. I had my heart set on him from the beginning, but he wasn’t in the best shape, and no one thought he would make it as an endurance racehorse, but boy, were they wrong!

In 2007, we placed third in the American Endurance Ride Conference (AERC) West Region Heavyweight Division with 955 miles in one year, including an impressive streak of 28 consecutive completions in just 16 months of 50 miles or more in a day. We continued to win many more events and enjoy years of riding together. 

I did everything I could to help Tiki perform and feel his best, including spending tens of thousands of dollars on horse care and equine training classes. But in all of those classes I took, I always noticed that something was missing… No one looked at the whole horse.

So I took everything I learned, plus everything I saw “missing,” and developed my own special method. Today, I have helped not only Tiki, but hundreds of horses and horse owners all over the world! I am also very proud to have a team of certified Holistic Horseworks practitioners and instructors practicing globally. 

IICT Approved

April Love of Holistic Horseworks as well as the Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding method are accredited by IICT, the International Institute for Complementary therapies. 

This adds a whole new level of credibility to this offering which many others don’t have! For someone to be able to officially certify you they have to be the originator of the methodology. Here at Holistic Horseworks, we have gone through the rigorous procedure to put all of our videos and workbooks up to rigorous scrutiny in order to receive IICT approval.

Students who take complete this program will have the additional opportunity to become recognized and certified in EMU with IICT approval of their own. (Not included with program purchase. Click here for more details.)

What People Are Saying

“I enrolled in April’s Level 1 ‘Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding’ Home Study this fall and have never been happier with the quality of education. The amount of information and guidance that is included in the handbook and the video is incredible. I feel like I have finally stumbled upon the wisdom and empowerment I have always been looking for as a horse owner and equestrian. I am even more grateful that April has put together this education so that it be accessed at home.”


“I currently work as an equine vet tech. I took April’s level one class, unwinding the horse for a couple of reasons. One I had a horse that was physically sore all over and we could not diagnose the exact problem. He hurt in the ribs. His hocks were sore, he was very tight in the hamstrings and when I rode him he would not collect and pushed on the bit. Two I kept seeing the same horses coming into the clinic with physical problems but with no true diagnosis. I look at horses differently now and am able to evaluate them differently than I had before thanks to April. I am looking forward to finishing my next 2 levels.”

Terri S.

“I’m very impressed with the workbook, it is organized, detailed, thoughtful, and full of information you wouldnt find anywhere else… and of course easy to understand. The best part is April’s response to your questions is very very quick, usually within an hour and definitively the same day. This woman really cares about her students… I feel she’s healing me as well as my horses.”


Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding Home Study Course

Live Help While You Learn

Wish you had more help with horse care? Get a live instructor to help you while you work on your horse in your barn. Just bundle your Level 1 Home Study with a private training package at checkout. 

Ever wondered, “Am I doing this right?” “I wish someone was here to help me!” “How did she do that move again?” Wonder no more when you bundle your home study with private training sessions!

This is an incredible offer to receive answers to your most pressing equine care questions and undivided, personal one-on-one time from an expert in the industry. The insight you receive will be absolutely priceless. You will leave each session with so much clarity on what to do and easy action items to keep your horse happy and healthy.

And the best part of this deal is that you get the recording to download afterward so you can watch and rewatch it as many times as you need!

Would you prefer your training in French, Dutch, German, or Swedish? We have instructors that can work with you in those languages, just email me your request! april@holistichorseworks.com

Equine Musculoskeletal Unwinding Home Study Course

DISCLAIMER: This is not intended to be a substitute for professional veterinarian advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your veterinarian with any questions you may have regarding the medical condition of your pet, and always consult them in the case of an emergency.