What I See When I See a Horse

A Book About Learning to See Beyond the Surface of a Horse

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Horse 101

Everything You Wish You Had Known Before You Got Your First Horse.
The very first book is our series on sensible horse care.

Horse 102

What’s in your first aid kit?
The second book in our series on sensible horse care.

If I Can Do It, You Can Too!

Not living the life you want to be living?
Break free from limitations for an amazing, purpose-driven and fulfilling life!

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April Love
Author and Founder of Holistic Horseworks LLC

Esteemed author and practitioner in the world of equine wellness, April Love has dedicated her expertise to transforming the way horse owners understand and care for their beloved companions. Through her acclaimed books and pioneering methodologies, April advocates a holistic approach that not only helps horses but empowers their owners too.

What I See when I See a Horse: A Book About Learning to See Beyond the Surface of a Horse

In this transformative book, an equine industry veteran shares decades of expertise as a rider, trainer, and bodyworker, inviting readers into the profound world of horse communication beyond words.

Discover a unique perspective that goes beyond the surface of treating symptoms. Learn to interpret the subtle language of balance, symmetry, and vitality that courses through every muscle and bone of a horse. Uncover the secrets behind non-verbal cues, deciphering the stories embedded within their bodies.

Through each chapter, gain invaluable insights into often-overlooked nuances, from the arch of a neck to the foundation of hooves. Learn how to detect hidden imbalances, offering a pathway to profound well-being for your horse.

This book offers a transformative shift in mindset. By the end, you’ll possess not just knowledge, but a new way of seeing horses—a skill in understanding their physical, emotional, and spiritual needs, becoming a true horse listener.

Join a global movement dedicated to holistic equine care. This book is your gateway to a deeper, more meaningful relationship with horses. Prepare to see beyond the surface, forever changing how you perceive and care for these beautiful, sentient creatures.

Horse 101: Everything You Wish You Had Known Before You Got Your First Horse

Reading this book will enlighten you. It is full of helpful information, that not many horse lovers know about, that will save you thousands of dollars in vet and training bills as well as money wasted on saddles and pads trying to fit your horse. This book makes for fun reading explained in educational fun learning stories with exceptional artist drawings that will entertain young and old alike. This makes an excellent gift to give to any horse owner no matter how experienced they are.

“This was a great read. As a re-homer and trainer I found it both amusing and very to the point. I will be asking all my potential horse owners and owners to grab a copy. Many of the things they never consider or spend hours asking questions about are included. Having spent nearly 15 years with Natural Horsemanship, I still had some new insights. The author has done the horses and horse owners a great favor. Her background and experience has made an impact on the horse world.” — Dan

Horse 102: Holistic Alternatives

What do you do when your horse is sick? Or injured? What’s the first step? What’s the second thing to do? Do you know? Well here it all is in easy-to-follow suggestions that are very practical and effective as well as affordable! Suggestions in this book are much better ways to treat yourself and your horses at home with simple ingredients that speed healing and save big money on vet bills. A MUST HAVE for every horse lover and a great gift to give! This is the next book in my series of sensible horse care, which we all wish we’d known a long time ago. First time horse owners; my hope is that this helps you safely and affordably care for your horses at home. Long term horse owners; this should help condense what you keep in your tack area in reference to medicines and poultices.

“This book has help me put together a pretty good first aid kit. Unfortunately I had to put this book to use the day I got because my lovely mare has a huge crush on our vet and just can’t seem to stay way from trouble. This book has come in pretty handy for first aid products and with so many on the market it’s easy to become overwhelmed with what you actually need. This book has helped me save some money on not only first aid products but as well as vet calls for cuts on my horse that don’t need medical attention aside from initial wound care.” — Nicole

If I Can Do It, You Can Too!: Breaking Free From Your Limitations for an Amazing Purpose-Driven and Fulfilling Life!

In real-life, self-motivation is not always easy. However, nowadays, you need to continuously push yourself to perform better whether you are a student or a professional. This self-improvement book act as a sort of motivating factor.

Self-help really refers to a process concerning people’s own personal development or self growth. It leads to people trying to become aware of who and what they are, and pursuing avenues that can help them become more rounded and happy people.

Making efforts to improve one-self is a very personal and conscious choice. The human potential is infinite. Growing and developing is an individual goal. All successful persons from Albert Einstein to Bill Gates have continuously focused and strived hard to achieve their ambitions. To become a better person it is imperative to grow and develop constantly.

Not living the life you want to be living? This book will show you how to upgrade to the life you want to be living. In this book, you will get all the practical steps you can follow daily in order to boost your self-consciousness.

“Bought this book and couldn’t put it down. It is a very easy read and very relatable. April shared some wonderful insights. She provides you with ways you can help yourself that anyone can do. These tools can really help you to become the person you were meant to be.” — Kim