Distance Healing for People


Not feeling as good as you would like to? Chronic joint or muscle pain? Not sleeping well? Other health concerns? Well here is a way to try a Healy session at home –click here  to view what a Healy can do for you.

April uses her Healy Resonance to send healing frequencies to you. This amazing pocket size device chooses from 144,000 different frequencies and over 140 programs for the right one’s for you, no 2 sessions are ever the same.

$50 for two 2 hours private sessions
$100 for four 2 hour private sessions


What you’ll need for this purchase see below



Copy and paste the questions below into a new email to April [click here]

Please fill this out for your sessions with a Healy Resonance.
By filling out this sheet, you give permission to April Love to run Healy sessions on you.
Yes, I want a Healy session _________ initial_________ today's Date.

Please insert or attach a recent selfie headshot of youto the email

Vitality___I will fill out


date of birth:

Place of birth:


Residence address or, minimumly postal code:


If doing a distance session for you or your pet include that picture

What is your main issue or concern today?


What else would you like to work on?

Local pain where?

Pain scale 1-10?

How well do you sleep?

How happy are you in your current life situation, 1-10?

Can you envision and set intentions of what your perfect for you life would be like?

Additional information

Session Length

$50 for two 2 hours private sessions, $100 for four 2 hour private sessions

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