Holistic Horseworks Team Members & Instructors

United States

IICT Approved Instructor

Lynn Reed – INDIANA
Level 1, 2, & 3 Instructor


Lynn is a practitioner of complementary and alternative therapies. She pours her heart, mind and soul into the constant learning of alternative treatments to better help our equine friends maintain their health and vitality so that we may spend more years riding and loving our equine partners.

In 2011, her equine partner, Bo, of 17 years began having health issues at the age of 21. The thought of retiring Bo was heart breaking and she started seeking out ways to help him. In the summer of 2011 she discovered April Love of Holistic Horse Works who’s ad stated “Add 10 years to your horse’s life.” Immediately she signed up for her and Bo to go to a clinic with this woman that was going to help her keep her horse healthy! This 3 day clinic spring boarded her into a relentless pursuit of natural healing! She is now an endorsed practitioner with Holistic Horse works in Level One, Two and Three. In 2017 Lynn completed her training to teach Level one and Two.

Since 2011, Lynn has studied Kinesiology, Myofacial Skeletal Releases, Equine Yoga, Equine Massage, Meridian Clearings, Emotion Clearings, and Essential Oils Therapy.

In 2014, Lynn received her CESMT (Certified Equine Sport Massage Therapy) certification fromMidwest Natural Healing for Animals. These along with her continued study of Natural Horsemanship through Pat Parelli’s program, which began in 2002, enable her to help determine the root of the issues that bother our horses. With her background in Natural Horsemanship training and personality analysis and now her focus on holistic health management, Lynn can assess you as a rider and if your horse has a training issue, a body issue or that’s just their personality.


IICT Approved Instructor

Marisa Levitt
Magic Hands Horse Works.
Australia, New Zealand and South Africa

Instructor for level 1 2 and 3
+61 434782853


Ann Baron
Level 1 & 2 Instructor
H: 204-834-2087
Mobile: 204-476-0057


I grew up in Sweden, out in the country where animals quickly became my best friends. Horses got to be my favorite animal when l was in my teens and my sisters and l found a trotters stable in our area. We visited the horses and soon started working with them. From this time on, horses have always been in my life.

In 2013, l had my horse Skor with multiple problems. He had had a fracture in his right hind leg that had started to heal. But now he was so unbalanced that he had a hard time walking properly, and a terrible time lifting his feet for the farrier. l was googling on my computer, looking for answers when l found April Love! The more I read the more interested l got. I ended up sending some pics and had April Love do her Distant Listening on Skor.

The results soon showed up, and l was overwhelmed! So much work that he needed to be done!

I started looking for April Love Clinics and found out she was scheduled to go to Manitoba that very year! That Clinic ended up being canceled, and April Love asked me if l would be interested in Hosting. Sure l was! I wanted so badly to learn how to help my horse!

So in August of 2013 l Hosted Level 1 in Carberry Manitoba. That lead to Hosting Level 2 in 2014 and Hosting Level 1 and 2 + helping to teach both courses in 2015. In 2016 l traveled to Galt California to retake and help teach Level 1 & 2 and also take my Level 3.

Over the years since that first Clinic l have been working on horses in our area and also in Sweden, and on our own horses, of course! Working with horses is so rewarding; to see them getting relaxed, out of pain, being able to move the way they were born to do. l can’t think of a better thing to do!

I have been teaching one on one or in groups, either one is very workable. I am willing to travel to your barn. It can be to any province in Canada or could be to Sweden!

Helene Coulombe – QUEBEC
Level 1 & 2 Instructor
Equestrian Coach
1 873-554-1810

(French Speaking)


Dedicated my life career with horses. In a path of an evolutionary horses women, we found a way to take part in the beginning of an emerging world. The path is rising for humain and horses to be co-creator of a new holistic path of harmonie and health. As a young trainer I wanted to become a veterinarian and now I know that holistic kinésiologie work is a wonderful path to evolve.


40 years of horse industry: Equestrian coach 1985 F.EQ, classique, Level 2 western 1992, Meneur 1 harness 2000, Judge Q.E.F 1991, College Diploma of Equin Studies 1985, Massothérapiste Equin 1994, Equin acupressure ( 8 ) 2012, Homéopathie équin with Réjean Lebvesque, April Holistic kinésiologie equin 1-2-3, Linda Tellington Jones methode 3 years, Connecting riding Sally Swift, Certificat de membre S.C.M.M.A.C 2013, Bowen ostéopathie, kinésiologie intègre, ( humain )EFT. 2012, First Line Thérapie certified 2012, Kinésiologie de déprogrammation 2009, Holistique kinésiologie 2012 , 3 years certified (quintessence santé ), Biologie totale 2003- médecine nouvelle, co-author book Le Cavalier 1981, co-auther book equin message 1987, Owner and trainer of equestrian farms (4 farms), Last 15 years at Ecurie Royale D’Hatley, Raise and train young horses in cross country level preliminary.


Level 1, 2, & 3 Instructor
+32 498886017



(French Speaking)

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Passionnée de chevaux depuis toujours, j’ai eu mon 1erponey à l’âge de 8 ans, j’ai été cavalière pendant de nombreuses années puis, ayant arrêté de monter à cheval, je me suis intéressée à leur mieux-être et ai essayé de comprendre pourquoi les chevaux réagissaient aussi fortement à certains stimuli et/ou cavalier. J’ai lu beaucoup de livre sur les comportements équins mais les réponses apportées me paraissaient souvent incomplètes. Voulant approfondir les pratiques complémentaires au vétérinaire et à l’ostéopathie équine, j’ai décidé d’étudier le massage, le shiatsu équin, le reiki, la préparation et la récupération du cheval de compétition, j’ai été initié à la communication animale mais la révélation a été ma rencontre avec April en 2015. En 30 min, elle a résolu les problèmes posturaux et comportementaux de mon cheval. Il était simplement en souffrance et personne d’autre ne voulait l’entendre.

Je suis devenue une fervente adepte du Bodywork et ai commencé à aider les chevaux de mon entourage. Son enseignement ultra complet a changé ma vie. Voyant les résultats fantastiques que le Bodywork entrainait sur les chevaux et les progrès qu’ils faisaient de séance en séance. J’ai décidé de faire connaitre cette pratique encore peu répandue en Europe afin que les propriétaires comme moi et les professionnels puissent aider les équidés qui en ont besoin.

IICT Approved Instructor

Level 1 & 2 Instructor
Mobile: +31650487657

(French and Dutch Speaking)


My name is Lisette and I love working with animals. I am a holistic therapist for animals and I help animals with manual therapies, aromatherapy, herbs, flower essences, and much more. I’m also a centered riding teacher and horse trainer. The bodywork of Holistic Horseworks is very useful and every horse I train gets a treatment first. For me, the bodywork for horses is a prerequisite to start good training and teaching. It removes a lot of training, motion, health, and behavioral problems. It makes horse training and teaching much easier, healthier, and more fun for horse and rider.

Trix Riedo — Switzerland
Level 1, 2 & 3 Instructor
+0041 79 825 35 70

(German Speaking)


There are so many ways of being with horses. I love them each as beautiful individuals with their own opinion on 4 feet. They feel a fly landing on their coat. This is why I prefer a very light physical contact with horses. My passion is playing at liberty, horse-agility, trail rides and most important: having a good time together and keep them sound. A good relationship is everything.

I am married, have 2 kids, 3 horses, 2 cats and I run a study center in Switzerland where many different horse clinics take place. Courses can be held outdoors or indoors with 10 guest boxes available. Every course has its own privacy, as there are no pensioners located.

This gives the opportunity to bring your own horses along for Holistic Horseworks clinics.

Keeping my horses myself for more than 20 years let me learn a lot about health and horsemanship. I also took many courses in my life. but April’s clinics were the key. They showed me the way of helping horses in a holistic way that brought together different healing methods and an overall understanding of health and healing. This education is very powerful and becomes a very precious and helping/healing instrument in our daily life.

I love being independent and being able to treat and heal my horses and family myself.

There are fewer sorrows, open questions and lots of money saved too 🙂

United Kingdom

IICT Approved Instructor

Jean Whitebread
Level 1, 2, & 3 Instructor
W: 07712299956


I am the UK  instructor and teach all three levels of April Love’s Holistic Horseworks student workshops and also one on one happy also travel to other countries to teach.

I am also a practitioner in:

  • Equine Craniosacral
  • Equine iridology
  • Emmett
  • Biokinetics
  • Equine self-selection in herbs and oils