Colic is a major concern for any horse owner

notually, it is a few HOURS before the vet can get to you, so what can you do to help your horse while waiting?

Recently, I worked on some horses that were distressed with colic symptoms while I was at their farm. The first gelding, we got out of the colic by the time the vet arrived 2 hours later.

In this picture above we are combining my horse yoga moves, the butt tuck, and belly lift, which can move the blockage around to let the gas pass.

(Watch this)

In my horse emergency kit, I have DoTERRA DigestZen. It is an essential oil, it tastes like black licorice. I let them smell it and then I put the bottle in their mouth to let it come out. I then put it on my hand and I rub it all over their belly, especially on the belly button area. It is amazing for helping to relieve the pain from blockage causing bloating and gas.

As we walked the horse around, we did the Horse Yoga every 5-10 min and gave more of the DigestZen. By the way, DigestZen also works great for people that have gas and bloating!

When colic strikes, the horse wants to drop and roll because its stomach is bloated and hurting so much. There is some kind of blockage going in on in there. Unfortunately, if they drop and roll, when they have that huge gas bloat, they can twist their intestine.

Colic surgeries can cost $5,000 to $8,000 and that is IF you can get the horse into the vet hospital. Many times people cannot!

So I always say to have the DigestZen on hand, and Epsom salt as well.

Have you read the side of the box where it says to drink Epsom salt in warm water for constipation? I have a list of what you should have ready for any emergency in my Horse 102 book.

When you are in panic mode you might not be thinking clearly, it helps to have the list in front of you.