Summer Time Tune-Up for Your Horse

by | May 9, 2024

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As the days grow longer and the temperatures rise, it’s time to give our equine companions the extra care they need to thrive during the summer months. From hoof health to hydration and performance support, here’s a quick guide to tuning up your horse for the season ahead.

Twice Annual Hoof Soak

One of the cornerstones of spring/summer horse care is ensuring optimal hoof health. A simple yet effective way to achieve this is through a rejuvenating hoof soak. Use a shaker bottle to mix 32oz of warm water with 1 cup of Epsom salt and 2 full droppers of Dynamite Liquid Trace Minerals. Place a soaker boot on the horse’s hoof and fill it with the solution. Allow it to rest for 1 hour, repeating this process for 3 consecutive days, at least twice a year. This regimen helps promote circulation, soothe soreness, and maintain overall hoof integrity.

Amazing Easy Hoof Soak

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Home Study DVD course + Miracle Spray + Dynamite Release Spray + Liquid Trace Minerals + Balm

Hoof Conditioning

In addition to soaking, maintaining proper hoof conditioning is vital. Dynamite Balm is an excellent choice for this purpose. Simply apply a small amount to your hand and massage it 360 degrees around the coronary band, then gently work it into the outside of the hoof wall. This nourishing balm helps keep hooves supple, moisturized, and resilient against environmental stressors.

Dynamite Balm Sweats to Decrease Sidebone and Ringbone

I have found by applying this once a week only for 2-8 sessions (older horses seemed to need more so muscle test your horse) that ease and joy of movement have returned to horses diagnosed with sidebone and ringbone. A few clients did follow up X-rays and saw a decrease of the excess calcifications.

Home Study DVD course + Miracle Spray + Dynamite Release Spray + Liquid Trace Minerals + Balm

Dynamite Balm

A natural, all-purpose balm for use on bruises, strains, burns, and wounds. It is also an excellent hoof dressing, calcium deposit softener, and scar tissue softener.


As temperatures rise, so does the need for proper hydration and electrolyte balance. Ensure your horse stays hydrated and energized by incorporating Dyna Spark into their routine. This potent formula provides essential electrolytes and nutrients to support optimal performance and recovery, keeping your horse feeling their best all season long.

Summer Heat and Best Electrolytes

Should you be giving your horse electrolytes this summer? In this episode of Holistic Horseworks Talks, April discusses whether horses should be given electrolytes during the summer. It depends on what the horse is doing.

Dynamite Dyna Spark

Dyna Spark is a must for any horse that is being challenged physically. It provides a unique electrolyte balance as well as addresses the subtle physiological requirements of a working horse – be it training, competing, foaling, or even recovering from injury. Dyna Spark is free of refined sugar and contains nothing artificial.

Water Quality

With horses capable of drinking up to 35 gallons of water a day, it’s crucial to ensure the quality of their drinking water. Filtering water and adding 1 cup of raw apple cider vinegar to a 55-gallon drum helps maintain alkalinity and keeps harmful bacteria at bay. Dynamite offers an excellent option for this purpose, ensuring your horse has access to clean, refreshing water at all times.

What’s in your horse’s water? Would you drink it?

What’s in the water that your horse is drinking? People don’t think about that but it really affects the horse and it throws off how they can assimilate nutrition. The really important thing when we’re hydrating is to have pure water without other things in it.

Organic Super ACV

High-quality, 100% organic, whole-fruit, raw, unpasteurized, apple cider vinegar (ACV), at approximately 6.25% acidity. Made from organic, mineral-rich Idaho apples.

Performance Boosters

For performance horses gearing up for summer competitions, Dynamite TNT offers a powerful boost. This comprehensive formula supports stamina, recovery, and overall performance, helping your horse excel in their endeavors.

Dynamite TNT

Each 1 1/3 cup of TNT contains a synergistic combination of Dynamite, Easy Balance, Izmine, Free & Easy, Excel, and HES to support overall health including: joints, digestion, immune system and metabolic processes. TNT is an easy-to-feed, all-in-one supplement and produces amazing results. It is designed for high-performance, lactation, sales-preparation, growth and geriatric needs.

What else could use a tune-up on your horse?

Every horse is unique, with their own strengths and their challenges. Wondering what is really going on with your horse? What specific areas can be addressed to ensure the best riding season ahead? Get expert insight into your horse’s deepest physical, behavioral, and training issues. In an equine distance reading, April reviews information and photos you send in about your horse, connects with them intuitively to analyze a wide variety of issues, and offers practical insights for support.

Get expert help with your horse right in your own barn!

Does your horse seem a little off or not quite as happy as they used to be? Schedule a 1-on1 private training session with April. Together, we’ll pinpoint exactly what your horse needs to thrive and find the best ways to support them. You will leave our session with so much clarity on what to do and easy action items to keep your horse happy and healthy. 

About the Author

April Love
Founder of Holistic Horseworks & Horse Healers Academy

Owner of Holistic Horseworks LLC, April Love empowers horse lovers to take healing into their own hands in order to keep their horses healthy, happy, and rideable through their 30’s while saving thousands of dollars on vet care. She has created a unique IICT (International Institute for Complementary Therapists) approved methodology that she teaches through in-person, hands-on clinics as well as virtual home study courses. April has also trained and vetted many instructors who share this practice worldwide.

As a gift to you, please enjoy a FREE copy of “Horse 101: Everything You Wish You Knew Before You Bought Your First Horse” 

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