Buy the Recipe now to make your own Hoof Hand and Ting Miracle Spray


Due to delays in shipping and ability to get the ingredients we have decided to share this amazing miraculous recipe with you!

This concentrate can be added to 1/2 gallon of water or 2 tall liter spray bottles.

I spray deep into the cracks of my horses frog that represent deep infection. Then applying to white line area that also represents infection and hoof wall separation. This can be sprayed to soak under horse shoes as well as it soaks in and penetrates. Then I apply to my hands and rub 360* around the hoof hairline as this helps to balance the horses acupressure medians to stimulate healing and balance. Four weeks of doing this gave my horses amazing balanced hooves that impressed my barefoot trimmer and I no longer needed to put a boot on to ride.

I also use this in all wounds, horses and myself and they heal up fast with very little scar tissue.

This is an all natural product and all ingredients are ingestible and taste good.

I add a little to my water bottle to boost my immune system and my horses I spray on my horses feed or directly in my horses mouth as it seems to settle their stomach as well. Great immune booster to use if other horses in the barn are having symptoms.

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