If you cannot get someone to come out to do bodywork on your horse, you can learn how to do it yourself at home or a clinic.

Live help is so challenging to find these days. Some clinicians want you to buy their DVD or package and then — Good luck!

I can help you through all the steps and you can send me a picture of your horse for a recheck to make sure you got everything correctly.

How did I develop this program?.

I used to sell treeless saddles. The clients were sending me pictures of their horses. I noticed the ewe necks the roach backs, and the feet that were off angles. The owners thought they needed a treeless saddle to fit their crooked horse.

You actually need to fix the crooked horse if you want them to last longer.
If you get on a bucket about 10 feet behind your horse and you look at your horse’s back, you will see one hip higher, one side of the back lower one shoulder bigger. When you look at the withers, there will be a curvature of the spine like scoliosis, and part of the mane might flip to the other side.

I had taken a course with Kelley Mills and Dr. Regan Golob. They had given us some mane hairs and a pendulum and said, to ask a whole bunch of “yes” or “no” questions about a horse. When you ask the question, the way the pendulum swings determines if the answer is yes or no.

I thought it was weird, but we did it. And then we got to go out and meet the horse. The pendulum was right on! All the health issues we asked about were correctly identified.

Because people kept sending me pictures of their horses, I would tell them to get some bodywork. And they would say, “But I’m way out in the country, and nobody will come out here!” Or “it’s $300 for a horse chiropractor, and I don’t have that money. How am I going to fix my own horse?”

So that is what made me put out my first video and later my home study courses.

I found that it was NOT a training or behavioral issue, it was the horse trying to say that something hurt or it was uncomfortable to move a certain way.

My whole program has grown from that.

Foals as early as six months of age need this bodywork. So if you start this program sooner, you are going to have your best equine friend longer.

With Distance Readings, you can gauge how well you are doing. When you are done you get a FREE recheck to help you feel good about what you are doing.

It is really an affirmation that you did it right. And you can really get that feeling instead of just buying a video that shows you how to do something….and you hope you did it right. You are not sure. So you did not have the confidence. So you did not do it again.

I can look at a horse tell you everything that is wrong, how to fix it, and let you know that you did a really good job.