Black Horses That Fade Out in Summer

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Does your black horse fade to brown in the summer?

In this episode of Holistic Horseworks Talks, April discusses how the color change is likely due to a copper deficiency in the horse’s diet. She suggests feeding the horse Dynamite Liquid Trace Minerals once a week to provide the necessary copper and prevent the fading of its black coat.

April also mentions that chestnut horses with burnt-out-looking hair and curled ends may have a copper deficiency as well.

April believes that mineral deficiency can make horses more prone to parasites, so she advises using organic diatomaceous earth and doing fecal counts every two to three months.

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Lillian: “Hi, this is Lillian. I’m here with April love.

I know a beautiful, beautiful black horse, but in the summertime, he turns to more of a brown color. He just bleaches out. Is there anything we can do to keep him nice and black?”


April: “So for my clients, when we feed the Dynamite Liquid Trace Minerals and their feed once a week, they hold that black color, so it’s something in the copper that they’re needing that they’re not getting, so the black Friesians that don’t stay black.

And when my clients give them the Dynamite Liquid Trace Minerals in their feed for two or three days in a row, they go back to black and the chestnut horses that have that burnt-out looking hair? That kind of curl looks like little fishhooks. That’s a copper deficiency as well. And those horses are going to be more prone to parasites as well.

So, you can buy feeds that will keep your horse black. You will have shampoos that keep your horse black, but I believe if it’s a mineral deficiency and the Dynamite Liquid Trace minerals help that. That’s $30.00 for three months versus, the cost of all the other products that you guys are using. So, try that first on your black horses, knowing that it strengthens the immune system and my horses help them compete better, seems to help them stay healthier longer.

And when I do my fecal counts, they were always 0, so I did fecal counts and I used organic diatomaceous earth. The product Excel, that Dynamite has just a teaspoon every day on their feed. And I would do fecal counts every two to three months, so the combination of the Dynamite Liquid Trace Minerals and the Excel kept them parasite free and my black horses black and my black and white Pinto really strong black and white, with that ribboning you know where the colors meet.

So that’s what I would recommend. And if you have a Black Horse, that’s what I use.

You can see more information in my free e-book website, and YouTube channel Holistic Horseworks. See you there!”

We all admire the majestic beauty of black-coated horses but maintaining their striking appearance can be challenging, especially during the summer when their coats tend to fade to a less vibrant brown. However, there is a solution that can help your black horses retain their rich color and also promote overall equine health. Let’s uncover the secrets to keeping black horses radiant well into the summer and beyond!

If your black horse experiences a fading effect on their coat during the summer, it’s likely due to a mineral deficiency. Specifically a lack of copper, which plays a vital role in the production of melanin—the pigment responsible for their deep black hue. When copper levels are insufficient, the coat loses its intensity and depth, resulting in a less striking brown appearance.

Enter Dynamite Liquid Trace Minerals, a game-changing solution for maintaining the luster of black horse coats. By adding these trace minerals to a horse’s feed just once a week, you can help them retain their captivating black color. These minerals seem to fulfill the copper needs that some black-coated horses might be lacking, effectively preventing the bleaching effect during summer and promoting a radiant coat year-round.

Interestingly, copper deficiency doesn’t only affect black horses. Even chestnut horses with a burnt-out appearance to their hair, often displaying curled strands resembling fishhooks, may suffer from a lack of copper. This deficiency not only impacts their coat appearance but also weakens their immune system.

Horses experiencing a copper deficiency are also likely to have parasites. Embracing a holistic approach to equine health, some horse owners combine trace minerals with Dynamite Excel to maintain a parasite-free environment for their horses.

One of the significant advantages of Dynamite Liquid Trace Minerals is its cost-effectiveness. Compared to various other specialized products in the market, this option is highly affordable, costing around $30.00 for a three-month supply.

Incorporating Dynamite Liquid Trace Minerals into your horse care routine aligns with a holistic approach to equine health. By addressing mineral deficiencies and supporting the immune system, you’ll be providing your horse with the best care possible, ensuring they shine bright and remain healthy throughout the year.

Dynamite liquid trace minerals
Dynamite Liquid Trace Minerals
This unique healing agent contains the full spectrum of trace minerals in a highly concentrated form.  These minerals are needed by the body in small quantities but play crucial roles in a multitude of physiological processes.
Dynamite Excel
Excel is a digestion catalyst and pH stabilizer. It is intended to be used with a complete nutritional program that includes quality vitamins and minerals. Excel can be used as a top dressing or milled with the feed.
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