Wouldn’t it be nice if your horse put all his manure in a nice pile for you?

In this episode of Holistic Horseworks Talks, I talk about my own personal horse journey. Among the things I learned, by accident was that you can potty train horses!

It is much easier to pick up the poop when it’s all in one place. If you can pick up your horse manure and pile it in one area for a week (I recommend you sprinkle the organic Diatomaceous earth in it daily) you will find the horse(s) start pooping closer to that pile.

I have found it harder to retrain where they urinate, especially the mares.

You can pick up shavings with urine and move them closer to the manure pile. Also, spray highly diluted bleach water over that area you do not want them to use along with the Diatomaceous earth.

I prefer essential oils as horses usually pee in the same area by smell. Geldings prefer not to “splatter” on themselves so put a little pile of shavings where you do want them to urinate. I also share how I developed my bodywork system.