Sidebone in a horse

Photo courtesy of Cliff Pryor

Sadly, in my travels, I have seen sidebone starting on horses as young as 3 years old!   What causes ‘calcifications’ like sidebone, ringbone, arthritic hocks and knees that can lame our horses and decrease their ride-able years?

When our body is not correctly loading a moving part, like a joint or the hoof, then heat is created like rubbing 2 sticks together to make a fire. The body sends calcium to the area with heat in order to cool (lock) it down. Eventually, this creates calcification which is porous like you would find in the ocean. As we get older we feel this calcification and so do the horses. How can you help yourself and your horse and what can you do?

Raw apple cider vinegar has been known to help break down excess calcium deposits. There is some research out there that suggests that Entrolyths can be decreased and even prevented if you feed ACV on a daily basis. For our horses, we gradually introduce it into the feed approx 1/3 cup a day. Extra B1 vitamin should be added to diet if long term use is intended.

If you Google the benefits of ingesting raw organic apple cider vinegar, you will find a long list of benefits for humans and horses.  By the way, horses seem to love ACV in their feed.

My friends take 1 teaspoon am and pm in a little water (can add little honey for flavor) which helps the body to be alkaline.  This regime has helped many of my friends with acid reflux leave their meds behind; which was only treating the symptom. As we know always good to have an alkaline body where cancer cannot thrive (so yes especially recommended for grey horses).

Then I use Dynamite Balm, an all natural product safe for our skin and horses.   As you know it is always best to treat the inside as well as the outside area for better results (ACV).