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Equine CranioSacral Energy Work
If your horse has ever banged its head, fallen, or pulled back when tied at some time in their life it could cause the Cranial bones to shift (Google Equine Cranial Sacral). When a horse “pulls back” while tied to a solid fixture, the halter applies one thousand pounds of pressure to the top of the head while the horse is struggling to free itself. Years later the horse might come up with mysterious issues that can be found on the Equine Cranial pages. Head tossing, spooking, allergies, autoimmune, and more are signals of this impact. You may want to Google what Cranial Sacral does for humans as well. This DVD (formerly “Horses With Headaches”) helps you learn energy hand holds for Cranial Sacral releases that have proven to help my two horses, as well as hundreds of others all over this planet.

Horses are Talking
The majority of training and behavioral issues are caused by pain issues in the horse’s body that are easily corrected. This results in a horse that is unwilling to switch leads, is a girthy, or a cold-backed horse, unable to engage its hind end. These issues lead to high/low syndrome in hooves, roach back, and hunter’s bump calcifications as well as arthritic hocks and side-bone. You can fix this! April shows you how to work on your horse yourself using easy Osteopathic, Myofascial muscular/skeletal releases, and Acupressure releases.

Plus a Distance Reading
“Horse Communication Report” formerly known as “Distance Reading on your horse – What is it?” Are you wondering what is going on with your horse? Spending thousands of $$$$ on Saddle fitting and mysterious colic or lameness exams to not get the answers you are looking for? There are Holistic Alternatives to Bute or joint injections. April has the intuitive ability to energetically scan the horse’s body to check for misalignments in skeletal and cranial bones and explain to you how to work on it yourself in her videos that are on watch instantly format. Also, the emotional side of the horse is addressed as well as asking the body if there are any bacterial or viral issues it is working on.

In a horse distance listening session, April connects with the horse to ask it a multitude of questions about:

1) Physical issues affecting their ability to move correctly and with ease. Asking them where they have pain.
2) Cranial Sacral issues-head tossing, spooking, heavier on one rein. (Google CranialSacral for humans to see what issues may arise in your horse.) Every horse has usually pull back when tied at least once in its life doing cranial compression damage.
3) Emotional issues affecting their behavior as well as their organs. (see Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Emotion Code book)
4) Environmental – Is there anything in their home environment affecting their health and wellness? Drinking water source is coming up as a big stress factor in the last 3 years.
5) Chemical toxicity issues in the body can affect the absorption of nutrients – this means is your horse absorbing the nutrition you are feeding them?