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What April Battles brings to the overall health of horses is far more than a sum of the parts. April invites the whole horse to regain it's innate health with a gifted blend of Kinesiology, Bio-energy therapy, Reiki, Massage Therapy, Nutritional Therapy, Holistic Management, Communication and Love.

April Battles is a practitioner of remarkable talent and skill. She knows how to use her gifted ability to listen to your horse, hear what treatment a horse is ready to receive, and apply her exceptional training with artistry and love.

She applies a systematic approach to the horse's body that blends the concepts of bio-energy therapy, massage, Reiki and intuitive listening.

Sometimes she just stands with her hands on the horse. Sometimes she's lifting a shoulder or a rib cage. You'll see her do stretches with a horse, massage…and she does funny things with her fingers…

Old injuries. New injuries. Behavior challenges (which are very often due to pain). Emotional traumas…April can address them all, giving the whole horse a beautiful opportunity to truly heal.

The goal is to assist the horse's body, putting it in a position where it can effectively heal itself. There are conformation elements, soft tissue elements, emotional elements, muscle memory elements, nutritional elements, toxicity elements… finding the balance takes more than good technique.

The most direct way to describe April's approach is to say that she listens to the horse, asks the horse which modality it needs first, listens for the answer, and applies her techniques in whatever way is most appropriate at that time.

April facilitates changes which are immediate and lasting.

April will also teach you simple techniques that you can do to support your horse's wellness in between visits.

Is April a Chiropractor?
No. But her treatments help release what keeps horses out of balance.

Is April a Veterinarian?
No. But her treatments immediately improve a horse's overall health.

What horses will benefit from April's treatment?
Sport horses, endurance horses, pleasure horses, show horses, rescued horses, pasture pets, minis, cart horses and more.

Does April have to come back multiple times?
Sometimes - just like people, horses are not always available to release their tension and imbalances in one fell-swoop. To assist a horse back to health may take support over time. Each horse is unique.

Email April or call her at 530-823-7321 PST


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